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Sector 7G

Dead in the Heart, the new album from Sector 7G, is a look into the hardships of relationships gone wrong.  Within that, is a search for hope and the silver lining that comes from being optimistic instead of lying down and giving up. Mike Schank (vocals), along with DJ Pseudonym (turntables) and Ecid (production) come together to bring you an album full of the light and dark sides of life, intertwined with cynicism and satire, but maintaining empathy throughout. With songs like “Shoot to Kill” and “Misery”, which blantently deal with the pain one feels knowing they will never resolve the relationship that is crumbling in front of them, to songs like “Hipster Replacement Surgery”, which is a light-hearted jab at the new generation of slackers we’ve all come to love.  Songs like “Cheap Death” and “Self Help” deal with the universal feeling of trying to see the bright side in an otherwise grey world.

All in all, Dead in the Heart was made to show people that they’re not so different from one another, while at the same time bringing you some Hip Hop where the beats combined with the lyrics hopefully make you stick around for a second listen.

Mike Shank drops a new project with Soundsmith!

  • Check out the new project “Deprivation” from Mike Shank produced by Soundsmith The Programmer

  • Sector 7G hitting the road in May!

  • Sector 7G will be hitting the road for a few dates with MC Rentz and Knonam on the “On Blast Tour!”

    May 16th – Omaha, NE at the hideout RSVP
    May 17th – Iowa City, IA at gabes RSVP
    May 18th – Peoria, IL at Shots and pub club RSVP
    May 23rd – Minneapolis, MN at the fine line RSVP


  • LEAK #2 from File Under Blood Shot!!

  • Leak #2 from our Record Store Day 2013 Compilation File Under Blood Shot is a brand new track from Sector 7G titled Mission Statement. It’s a beautifully written song and easily could be the anthem for any artist of any medium out there.


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    You can see them this Saturday in Minneapolis at Hells Kitchen! File Under Blood Shot release party. 10pm/18+

  • Rap Blitz this Sunday the 28th!!!!

  • This Sunday we will be having a very special Halloween edition of our monthly “Rap Blitz” ECID, Sector 7G and David Mars will be playing guest sets and there will be free “witches brew” on stage for everyone. Where a costume and rage out with us.


    RSVP Here